Links: January 31 2012

Assuming you’re back… welcome back! I hope you had an absolutely amazing time and it created a bunch of incredible memories you’ll always cherish. I’m like 95% certain that’s the case. Anyways, I felt you might need someone to keep you updated on what’s been going on in terms of interesting articles!

The power of female friendship:

A re-creation of the house from Up sold a couple months ago:

An interesting read on why cleantech has had such a tough couple of years in the U.S.:

An interesting take on Obama’s strategy heading into the 2012 election:

An awesome way of using space in a city with serious limitations:

An amazing Song of the Day by the Head and the Heart:


Pic of the Day #2… This year’s amazing Northern Lights:

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Links: January 11 2012

A random fact to start off 2012… did you know that the reason Facebook’s primary color is blue is because Mark Zuckerberg is red-green color blind?? Interesting.

Anyways, enjoy!

Pretty awesome… the best of  street art in 2011:

Really good ESPN article about dealing with Parkinson’s:

Interesting reading with the backdrop of Iran’s recent activity:

Where YouTube is headed:

A journey into the world of parking spaces (actually interesting!!):

Neat story about the correlation between pizza prices and subway prices in New York City… worth clicking through the embedded links too:

1st pic of the day. an awesome jellyfish:

2nd pic of the day. a thunderstorm from a plane:

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Links: December 14 2011

Stay warm! With some piping-hot, fresh new links. Brrrrr.

How Obamacare is doing so far: and what’s happening to lobbyists:

NASA’s plan to harpoon comets:

A really interesting documentary coming out on tort reform (I need to see this):

An NPR thing on the Big Bang:

Twin boys who soon became brother and sister. Really interesting story.

UC Berkeley’s plan to make school more affordable:

And your eagerly awaited pic of the day. Kochia Hill in Japan (looks like something out of Dr. Seuss!):

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Links: November 29 2011

A4J is managing to squeeze in one more posting before the end of November… just made it. Enjoy another curious smattering of information and/or randomness.

How the drop in violent crime may have been spurred by lower cocaine prices (sounds like a job for Freakonomics):

The president, as a piñata (I did this partially to use the ñ feature on my MacBook):

Double science news! A lab in Pennsylvania that may have randomly stumbled upon a cure for cancer: and in the war against AIDS:

We’ve talked about this (or perhaps it was Japanese love pillows) – but this analyzes the high rates of Japanese youths opting to stay single:

Pic of the day… what a helicopter’s path looks like at night (long exposure lens): 

Bonus cool pic of the day, an awesome wall mural in Montreal (you need to scroll, btw):

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Links: November 8 2011

A healthy, fresh batch of awesome links. Enjoy!

Malcolm Gladwell on Steve Jobs – a tinkerer, not an inventor:

The NYT on Herman Cain’s rise and fall:

A 12-year old music prodigy:

Obama and what’s really killing him in the economy:

Great Youtube video of the development of empathy:

Reprogramming cells to create new life forms:

Burning Man Pic o’ the Day: Black Rock City from radar…

Your Bonus Pic o’ the Day is Autumn in the Adirondacks:

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Links: October 26 2011

Here are some links to add to the A4J compendium! Hope you are having a good week so far (the good thing about wishing someone a good week is it won’t matter when you read it, haha).

Great article by Robert Reich on what Obama should do:

Thoughtful look at some of the factors behind Occupy Wall Street:

Where the future of music is going in the Facebook/Spotify era:

In the wake of the announcement of our pulling out from Iraq, this is an interesting re-read prior to the invasion (courtesy of the Atlantic):

Aerial view of Midwestern U.S. + the Northern Lights taken from the International Space Station (pretty darn cool).

(Bonus second pic!) Banksy’s take on Occupy London:

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Links: October 18 2011

Another bunch of random good stories… hope you like ’em. Enjoy!

A really interesting article on our generation of twentysomethings (ok, I’m almost in that group… gimme a break).

SUPER controversial story about hormone therapy and youth. Very interesting (crap, I wish it wasn’t on Fox News)… 

How a man sailed his house – well, his roof – after the Japanese tsunami. A long but incredible story.

Small home architecture in Tokyo:

Crazy old story on an autistic artist’s memory (you may have seen before):

Pic of the day:

Bonus pic of the day… a cool zebra drawing!

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