Links: June 8 2011

I know you’ve been super duper busy, so here are some of the major things happening in the news…

You have probably heard of the downfall of Anthony Weiner (sigh, he was one of the best the Dems had!). I thought this was a good synopsis from the NY Times: I also liked this compendium of “looks” from apologies:

Sarah Palin also started a media firestorm by having no understanding of American history… she was visiting Boston in her MediaWhore 2011 tour and talked to a reporter about Paul Revere, saying that his ride was intended to “warn the British that we’re armed” rather than warn Americans the British were coming. While this would normally be innocuous and a “slip,” she kept it in the news by maintaining that she was right all along [head slap]. Here are the Stewart and Colbert responses. I hate her.

Groupon also recently announced they will be looking to IPO soon – here was a good write-up I read about that:

Finally, here is an article on the founder of Pixar (come on, you like cartoons):

And here is your pretty picture of the day: (Banff)

Enjoy! =)

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1 Response to Links: June 8 2011

  1. aforb says:

    that pixar article was AMAZING!

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