Links: July 7 2011

Wow, three posts in a week’s time! New records are being set. Hopefully this means that A4J posts will start coming more fast and furiously. Plenty of cool things to talk about today:

Interesting article on Matt Damon’s humanitarian efforts in Africa:

Random quirky article on a missing man in Georgia:

The potential future of the waterless urinal… something that could save the world’s water supply, with stinky results? (Mainly posted because you will laugh at the word pee)

An oral history of space flight; how is feels to be shot into space:

How malls were invented (some pretty interesting layout stuff here I never would have thought about!):

Someone made this mockup of what Emma Watson would look like in each of the Harry Potter houses… this is something I figured you would enjoy:

Interesting Salon article on supply-side economics:

Innovative cover of a Lulu and the Lampshades song: (Very Norah Jonesy)

Craaaaaaaaaaaaazy big wave pic:

And finally, your beautiful picture of the day (Lake Thun, Switzerland):

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