Links: August 23 2011

Though you’re buried with work, this A4J will at least serve as a compendium of things you can check out later. Only a few items will be time sensitive. In this installment, A4J stands for both Articles 4 Jackie and Audio 4 Jackie, as I thought it might be easier for you to consume radio stories than reading a bunch of stuff given your work schedule. As always… enjoy!

Starting off, what’s going on in Libya is probably the most topical, so here are some good things I’ve ran across… here and here (the latter is a sad sign of what tends to happen first). This is updated NPR on what’s going on what Qaddafi’s son.

A day in the life of a modern San Franciscan:

Studying for the gaokao in China… in written form and from the radio.

The worst case for Obama’s healthcare plan? Could be the Thomas family. That dastardly Clarence Thomas.

There have been a lot of articles lately referencing the country’s tax structure. My favorites are this one, this piece by Yves Smith, and this piece you’ve probably seen by Warren Buffett. I also liked an instance of Bill O’Reilly looking dumb on his own show (Not necessarily a unique instance).

This is a recent podcast I heard with Alice Waters that you might like about sustainability.

Finally, your pretty picture of the day! It’s from Glacier National Park, and I would assume you’d be the first to grab a kayak (assuming there are dry-suits).

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