Links: September 8 2011

Welcome back from the Burn! I’m sure it’s tough to concentrate on work and, you know, anything not-Burning-Man-related, but hope this suffices. Apologies this is so long, but haven’t had an opportunity to do this in a while. Hope you like it!

Interesting read on the prison industrial complex:

The reconstruction of a Yugoslav bunker into an art shelter:

Democrats and the Obama problem:

An account of a Golden Gate bridge climb:


A beautifully done Chipotle commercial – all stop-motion, no CGI!:

Iceland’s war with the bankers:

Under the microscope… a white blood cell CHASING BACTERIA!!


9/11 stories… Endless War ( ) and The Reckoning (

A pretty fall picture for you:

Finally, here’s some Burning Man stuff for you… from the Design Observer ( and here are some photos from space (seriously, this stuff just amazes me, can’t believe you got a chance to see this, it’s like another planet











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