Links: September 27 2011*

* HAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPY BIIIIIIIIRTHDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!! (I wish I could make you that cake… sadly I do not have that talent). That’s really all I have to say today… welcome to a special birthday edition of A4J.

Pretty interesting read around “coaches” for other professions… I liked it:

The post-DADT world… soldiers coming out of the shadows:

The FBI infiltrating Muslim communities in the U.S.:

An interesting write-up of Mindy Kaling from The Office:

Autism and growing up:

On how homelessness became so pervasive in San Francisco (a few articles that may help): This explains the typically common thread of mental health problems and homelessness (by some estimates about 70 percent of homeless in SF have some degree of mental health problem). That coupled with the weather factors and the generally liberal mindset of the populace are probably the reason its become so commonplace in SF.

Finally, your A4J pic of the day (just kidding, on birthdays, you get TWO)! Grand Canyon lightning: Northern Lights in Alaska:

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