Links: October 6 2011

Happy first A4J post AFTER your birthday!! It should also be noted that after the last A4J post, wordpress said that 25 posts is “glorious,” which I could hear you saying out loud, haha. Anyways, here’s this week’s A4J. Enjoy.

I purposefully made the first post for this week an interview with Maurice Sendak. It feels fitting, after having watched a LukMonster and a Cookie Monster duke it out this week:

And of course, it’s fitting that one of the first posts in this 26-year old world is the new Michael Lewis piece on California. Finally!

Why do some people learn faster?

On the influence of Ayn Rand:

As a retrospective on Steve Jobs, I’ll send you this article: his longform Wired eulogy (, this WSJ retrospective ( and this interview from 1996 on Charlie Rose that features Jobs and John Lassetter about Pixar (just seemed like something you’d love):

Pretty powerful healthcare story:

Incredible handpan solo… I couldn’t believe this:

And of course, your photo of the day, Ayers Rock at sunrise:

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