Links: November 29 2011

A4J is managing to squeeze in one more posting before the end of November… just made it. Enjoy another curious smattering of information and/or randomness.

How the drop in violent crime may have been spurred by lower cocaine prices (sounds like a job for Freakonomics):

The president, as a piñata (I did this partially to use the ñ feature on my MacBook):

Double science news! A lab in Pennsylvania that may have randomly stumbled upon a cure for cancer: and in the war against AIDS:

We’ve talked about this (or perhaps it was Japanese love pillows) – but this analyzes the high rates of Japanese youths opting to stay single:

Pic of the day… what a helicopter’s path looks like at night (long exposure lens): 

Bonus cool pic of the day, an awesome wall mural in Montreal (you need to scroll, btw):

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