Links: October 6 2011

Happy first A4J post AFTER your birthday!! It should also be noted that after the last A4J post, wordpress said that 25 posts is “glorious,” which I could hear you saying out loud, haha. Anyways, here’s this week’s A4J. Enjoy.

I purposefully made the first post for this week an interview with Maurice Sendak. It feels fitting, after having watched a LukMonster and a Cookie Monster duke it out this week:

And of course, it’s fitting that one of the first posts in this 26-year old world is the new Michael Lewis piece on California. Finally!

Why do some people learn faster?

On the influence of Ayn Rand:

As a retrospective on Steve Jobs, I’ll send you this article: his longform Wired eulogy (, this WSJ retrospective ( and this interview from 1996 on Charlie Rose that features Jobs and John Lassetter about Pixar (just seemed like something you’d love):

Pretty powerful healthcare story:

Incredible handpan solo… I couldn’t believe this:

And of course, your photo of the day, Ayers Rock at sunrise:

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Links: September 27 2011*

* HAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPY BIIIIIIIIRTHDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!! (I wish I could make you that cake… sadly I do not have that talent). That’s really all I have to say today… welcome to a special birthday edition of A4J.

Pretty interesting read around “coaches” for other professions… I liked it:

The post-DADT world… soldiers coming out of the shadows:

The FBI infiltrating Muslim communities in the U.S.:

An interesting write-up of Mindy Kaling from The Office:

Autism and growing up:

On how homelessness became so pervasive in San Francisco (a few articles that may help): This explains the typically common thread of mental health problems and homelessness (by some estimates about 70 percent of homeless in SF have some degree of mental health problem). That coupled with the weather factors and the generally liberal mindset of the populace are probably the reason its become so commonplace in SF.

Finally, your A4J pic of the day (just kidding, on birthdays, you get TWO)! Grand Canyon lightning: Northern Lights in Alaska:

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Links: September 16 2011

Here’s another random smattering of links. They are definitely interesting, I give you a money-back guarantee.

Jon Stewart’s burden:

The problem of the Placebo Effect:

Is the secret to success… failing?

Weeeeird story on a Bay Area teacher and how he pushed the envelope with social media:

Crazy photo journal of North Korea:

Pic of the day… musical drains?


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Links: September 8 2011

Welcome back from the Burn! I’m sure it’s tough to concentrate on work and, you know, anything not-Burning-Man-related, but hope this suffices. Apologies this is so long, but haven’t had an opportunity to do this in a while. Hope you like it!

Interesting read on the prison industrial complex:

The reconstruction of a Yugoslav bunker into an art shelter:

Democrats and the Obama problem:

An account of a Golden Gate bridge climb:


A beautifully done Chipotle commercial – all stop-motion, no CGI!:

Iceland’s war with the bankers:

Under the microscope… a white blood cell CHASING BACTERIA!!


9/11 stories… Endless War ( ) and The Reckoning (

A pretty fall picture for you:

Finally, here’s some Burning Man stuff for you… from the Design Observer ( and here are some photos from space (seriously, this stuff just amazes me, can’t believe you got a chance to see this, it’s like another planet











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Links: August 23 2011

Though you’re buried with work, this A4J will at least serve as a compendium of things you can check out later. Only a few items will be time sensitive. In this installment, A4J stands for both Articles 4 Jackie and Audio 4 Jackie, as I thought it might be easier for you to consume radio stories than reading a bunch of stuff given your work schedule. As always… enjoy!

Starting off, what’s going on in Libya is probably the most topical, so here are some good things I’ve ran across… here and here (the latter is a sad sign of what tends to happen first). This is updated NPR on what’s going on what Qaddafi’s son.

A day in the life of a modern San Franciscan:

Studying for the gaokao in China… in written form and from the radio.

The worst case for Obama’s healthcare plan? Could be the Thomas family. That dastardly Clarence Thomas.

There have been a lot of articles lately referencing the country’s tax structure. My favorites are this one, this piece by Yves Smith, and this piece you’ve probably seen by Warren Buffett. I also liked an instance of Bill O’Reilly looking dumb on his own show (Not necessarily a unique instance).

This is a recent podcast I heard with Alice Waters that you might like about sustainability.

Finally, your pretty picture of the day! It’s from Glacier National Park, and I would assume you’d be the first to grab a kayak (assuming there are dry-suits).

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Links: August 1 2011

Happy first day of August! Today’s post is not thematic in any way, it merely incorporates a variety of different interesting stories that we here at A4J found compelling. As always, enjoy.

Revisiting George Moscone (and looking ahead to a play about him):,0,5448707.story

Future treatment for down syndrome?

How Google dominates us (feel free to give Ivan crap):

On the Sinaloa drug cartel:,0,6478850.story

How the Bin Laden raid went down:

I enjoy this picture for some reason:

Bonus debt ceiling deal reactions! Not a lot of fans out there.

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Links: July 26 2011

Today is the science & technology edition! That’s right, we’re dusting off some of our nerdiest entries here at A4J and passing them along for you to run wild. Enjoy!

On the brain and its incredible effiency (and calorie-burning potential):

The tipping point in terms of the acceptance of ideas:

Will we ever have a fully functional, digitally-mapped brain? (Hint: we’re about 1% of the way there):

Some of the engineering behind the China/Tibet railway:

(Ok, not so sciencey, but interesting!) On the new paywall at the NYT:

Pluto’s new moon:,8599,2084606,00.html

The Aurora Borealis:

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